Quantum M100 Rail Seat

ATD teamed with local company, GRM Consulting, to design and develop this new seat with the project starting from a blank sheet of paper in August 2012. Using the latest computer aided engineering techniques, the seat was designed and manufactured in six months.

We researched the market and found that nobody was making what the train companies were looking for - a modern, lightweight seat that met the new safety requirements.

We set ourselves the target of having a new seat ready in the first quarter of 2013 and the successful safety testing at MIRA in Nuneaton was the culmination of this work. Safety standards for train seats were revised in 2012 to provide increased safety for passengers and ATD has designed this seat to exceed these new standards.

ATD was delighted to have been shortlisted for the UK Rail Industry Awards for our Quantum M100 rail seat in the 'Passenger Safety' category in 2014.

Since its introduction, the seat has since been replaced with the further improved M101 Standard Class Seat which is now in service in the UK along with the M104 which is our first class seat.  Please visit www.quantumseating.com for more information on all our rail seat products and services.
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