Multimac Child Car Seat

When eccentric inventor and frustrated father of four, Kevin Macliver, couldn't find a way of transporting his family without having to buy a new car, he decided to design and build a child car seat solution himself.  The result is his Multimac Child Car Seat system.  Available in a number of different variants to suit the family and vehicle, the system had to pass rigorous crash testing to meet safety law.  

The introduction of the Multimac child car seat system means it is now possible to transport four children in the back of a medium sized hatchback safely and legally.

The seating system is adaptible to different weights and sizes and can be adjusted to allow an adult to sit in the back.  The Minimac seat can be attached for infants needing a rear facing seat.  The seating system can be produced in a number of different colour combinations to suit the interior of the vehicle.

ATD is responsible for the final assembly of the Multimac seat systems and is very pleased to share in the product's growing success in the automotive market.

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